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Rich Hardesty

Join us for a great show 3/25/17 with Rich Hardesty!


As a full time self promoting artist who toured for 18 years without management or a label, American singer/songwriter Rich Hardesty checked out and took time off to produce his 15th album in Kingston, Jamaica at Anchor Studios featuring Julian Marley, Sly Dunbar, Bongo Herman and Isha Bell. He then needed to hit the re-set button so he hopped on The Jamrock Reggae Cruise to the Caribbean. On an off shore excursion he ran into co-producer Bongo Herman who handed him his newly mastered cd and asked him to be a performer at a very special event. Rich agreed and launched "The Sunset Show" on Bob Marley's birthday with some of the Marley's at The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston in 2016. Soon after he dove back into the studio in Nashville with Grammy award winning Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift), Kenny Greenberg (Kenny Chesney) and producer Randy Barr. Rich's songwriting formula has been traveling out of the country to experience new culture and keep him in the present moment to write about life. When Rich is not jammin' with his band, he loves telling stories from the stage with his acoustic guitar and piano. From his classic party sing alongs that he wrote in college to his bone chilling ballads. Rich has a story behind them all and he remarks "As a kid I remember my mom sitting at the piano with me to learn my lessons but I could not wait to lay on the shag carpeting and put the headphones on to listen to Jim Croce, Mac Davis, Buffett and other story tellers." Hardesty's catalogue is a pipeline full of catchy hooks and sleeping tigers and he is eager to let them loose and tell their stories on March 25th in Indianapolis, Indiana at Birdy's.

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