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Amazing Tails! A Burlesque Benefit for FACE

What happens when I give a burlesque performer an assignment to be a princess with a crow bar and a tendency to fall asleep randomly? Or how about a robot who wants to love and has an eyepatch? Find out at Amazing Tails! 

How does this work? I gather a bunch of cards with beings of some sort (puppies, kitties, types of people and such), then I make a big bunch of random attributes (loves to look in the mirror, has a crow bar, curses the world, laughes uncontrolably and such). I then pull one being card and two attributes from each hat. The performer has two months to create an act with really off the wall scenarios. There will definitely be lots of laughs had. 

What is FACE? FACE is a low cost vetinary clinic that spays and neuters nearly 10,000 cats and dogs each year. They also give thousands of vacinations and perform life saving surgeries. They also do hundreds of adoptions of cats and dogs. 

Doors at 8pm
Show at 9pm