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Relics in Antiques ALBUM RELEASE w/ Orchard Keepers, Kilgore Trout, Jeff Kelly $5 ... 8pm doors

After a strong showing in the Birdy's Battle Royale, RELICS IN ANTIQUES return to Birdy's to showcase the fruit of their recent labors with the release of FEMME DE NOCTURNE. Cryptic, impassioned and stripped down to the bone, Relics plays their own sound in their own way. From their FB page:

"All that we leave behind once we are gone from this earth is what we have created. Memories and possessions are given to our loved ones, with the idea that they will carry on with us in mind. The name “Relics in Antiques” is a tribute to what’s left behind."

Perennial favorites Jeff Kelly, The Orchard Keepers and Kilgore Trout round a bill dense with skilled songwriting for another great Birdy's Live showcase!