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Matthew Corken Acoustic, First Names, FERRIS. $5 ... doors 8pm

This will be a showcase of a couple of newcomers and an established local journeyman in Matthew Corken. Corken has made a name for himself as leader of several bands, most recently Tied To Tigers, as well as a dynamic an eclectic acoustic musician. You never know what version of a Matthew Corken project you'll see him in, but every time is a guaranteed showstopper. We're glad to have him back as a solo act.

You might've heard of FERRIS. recently... they're generating good buzz after a couple of eclectic, electric performances in the past couple of months. They call their brand of tunes "shark rock"... come by the club and ask them themselves what that means. As an audience member, that means an energetic, raucous show that's difficult to pigeon-hole as any one thing. The fun is adding up...

Also on the bill is First Names. You might've seen them before as Absolute Relics, having graced the stage at Birdy's Live a couple of times before with both local luminaries in the original music scene, while also having opened for a some touring acts. There's a lot of music for just a duo of guitar and drums. Some of their songs recount early Green Day, The Replacements, some Black Keys, maybe the White Stripes. 

First Names.jpg

Should be another great show at Birdy's!