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Rock and Roll for Kyle's Recovery feat. Captain Ivory & The Shelby County Sinners

Two amazing Rock and Roll bands, Captain Ivory from Nashville TN and Shelby County Sinners from Indy are coming together Sunday November 1st for a Rock and Roll show to help out a friend in need.
On Tuesday morning of last week an armed man came into the Speedway gas station at 71st and Keystone and shot the attendent on duty. (Kyle Frye). Kyle was shot twice, once in the abdomen and once in the face . He had emergency surgery on his abdomen to repair his colon , stomach , and liver . The bullet fragmented and they could not retrieve it . The shot to his face entered his left cheek , traveled diagnolly and downward hitting his right back teeth and jaw . His jaw is badly broken and they are taking precautions with the swelling and pressure so that his trachea doesn't collapse . He is on a ventilator (breathing machine) . When they can remove the ventilator they will wire his jaw shut for 6-8 weeks . His internal carotid artery was not hit but his external carotid was . There is a conclusive trauma injury to it . He will also have to have reconstructive surgery to his teeth . The fragments from that bullet are lodged in his neck . He was considered critical but stable until today (10/21/15) he has spiked a fever and his blood pressure has dropped . He has now tested positive for MRSA . Everything is still very touch and go and the next few days are very critical. 
This concert will be a pay what you can event.
All proceeds will go into Kyle's gofundme account to help him with his finances while he's recovering.