Fully equipped with all the PA, Monitors, lights, staffed sound engineers, you may need, everything is here to make a memorable event for the audience and the artist.

Our Head FOH Engineer at Birdy’s Live is Brian Baker. If you have confirmed a show here and have questions, or are just interested in talking with Brian, call him at 317-339-8852. You can also reach him via email. Make your subject line “Birdy’s Info” so he knows the nature of the message. If you are looking for any hospitality information please contact us at birdyslive@gmail.com.

Outboard Gear

  • Front of House Console– Midas Venice 32 Channel
  • House EQ– DBX 2231 Stereo
  • House Compressor- DBX 1066 Stereo Coupled
  • Axillary Compressor/Gate- Presonus ACP 88


  • Lexicon MPX 110
  • Lexicon MPX 110
  • T.C. Electronics M300
  • X-Over/Controller – EAW MX300I Clectronic Processor

Racks & Stacks

High Mid Packs – 4 (2 per side) EAW LA 3254 (each powered by Crown K2s).
Subs – 2 EAW SB528 dual 18’s (each powered by Crown K2s).


We use the TAC Scorpion 30 x 12 desk using 4 mixes. We also offer:

  • 1 DBX 1046 quad comp
  • 4 DBX 2231 EQ’s (1 per mix)
  • 2 Crown K2’s (1 side per mix)

Monitors – 4 Renkus – Heinz 1 x 15, 1-inch horn, non-bi-amp monitors (1 per mix)


Corner stage 15’ wide at rear x 10‘ wide in front x 16’ deep at widest point x 38” high.
24-channel split snake to monitor desk and front of house
12-channel sub snake front of stage
8 channel sub snake stage left

Microphones & Stands

Here's a sample of what we normally offer:

  • ShureSM58s, Beta 58, SM57s, SM94s, Beta 56s, Beta 52, Beta 91
  • 6 Whirlwind IMP-2 DIs, & Horizon Straightline DIs
  • 14 Full-size boom stands
  • 14 Small boom stands
  • 4 straight stands

Please note that all gear may not be available at all times due to maintenance and repair.


Lighting is subject to change based on upgrade and/or maintenance at any given time.

  • 16 Par 64’s NSI Dimmers
  • NSI MC 7008 lighting controller
  • 6 ClayPaky Mini Scan HPE
  • Light Jockey controlled/Compaq desktop computer

(All lighting may not be available at all times due to maintenance and repair.)

Additional Instructions

When playing a show at Birdy’s Bar & Grill, load-in is through front door (34-1/2” wide). If you require a green room, we have one available. Please speak with Sue Turnbal when you arrive on-site. Please note that load-in is 7:00 PM (or call to advance). If you are going to be late for whatever reason, please call 317-254-8971.

*All in-house gear is provided for artists’ use by Birdy’s Live. Birdy’s Live understands that you may need to bring in additional front of house, monitor gear, or staging.